PLC Training Course

  • Md. Habibur Rahman

To accomplish crafted by rehearsing reality that is called preparing. PLC preparing is the actually showing that enhances the specialized life. It’s utilization of processing plant, industry and others control frameworks. At the point when the frameworks are setup and work precisely then it’s running legitimately. On the off chance that you need to interface appropriately, you require legitimate preparing. So there is no elective method to preparing. Through PLC preparing we can procure genuine learning about its utilization, association and administration framework. In this way, PLC preparing is imperative of our specialized life.

This course is intended to outfit the fledgling with no earlier PLC programming background with the essential apparatuses important to make a total PLC program utilizing stepping stool rationale normal to most current stages.

PLC I shows you how to program with the emphasis on stepping stool rationale, which is the most well known PLC programming dialect. The objective is to show you all that you have to know to make a PLC do what you need it to do. You are likewise given all the product important to both CREATE and RUN your own projects live – appropriate without anyone else PC.

PLC II constrains you to take what you’ve realized and tackle issue after logically more difficult issue unassisted. You get a spec and are told essentially: “Influence it to work, and don’t advance until the point that you have.” After, you get the opportunity to watch me explain every one also. Before the end, you don’t simply know how to program – you are a PROGRAMMER.


Course contain for PLC Training…

  • ON/OFF Program for single output.
  • ON/OFF Program for multi output.
  • Sequential Delay Output ON Program.
  • Sequential Delay Output ON/OFF Program.
  • Flashing Program for single output.
  • Flashing Program for double output.
  • Latching Control Circuit.
  • Normally Closed Contact in Series Connection.
  • SET/RST – Latched and Unlatched Circuit.
  • Conditional Control Circuit.
  • First-in Priority Circuit.
  • Entry/Exit Control of the Underground Car Park.
  • Water level control.
  • Forward/Reverse Control for the Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor.
  • Control of Star Delta connection.
  • Traffic Lights Control.
  • Apple Conveyor control system.



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